Kelly Shandwick and Me

Hey, everyone, if you have received my newsletter, you’ll already know my exciting news. I just wanted to mention a new pen name I’m using and have added to my webpage.

It’s still me, but the content of the Wild Romance Saga is a different concept from the rest of my books. So far there are two books out and another drops this Thursday. They are a family saga of duets following the Wild Family Siblings and Relatives, which are more contemporary than New Adult and Romantic Suspense.
This wasn’t a decision I took lightly but felt that as these characters are older I needed to make this differential.

Chasing Love is the theme, as each of the characters has their own size of a story to tell about their experience.

Chasing Love Billie is the first book, Chasing Love is Sawyer, her partner, the story starts from Billie’s POV and continues from Sawyer in his. (You can find the series under books Kelly Shandwick on this website).
You get the idea, right?
Next up is James and Tricia’s stories which drop this month and at the end of November and mid-Dec we have Erin and Ryder.
I hope you’ll give them a try and let me know what you think. love K.L. and Kelly x