The Everything Trilogy


Enough Isn't Everything

Lily’s friends in London regard her as having the whole package. Smart, beautiful, and musically talented, she’s finally realised her dream to study in the USA, by securing a music place at college in Miami. She regards herself as worldly, having lived the London life and travelled to Mumbai to work in an orphanage in the past, so felt more than able to cope with living and studying abroad.


Everything She Needs

Lily’s back on her home turf in London for Christmas, after a turbulent term, studying music in Miami. She wonders if her relationship with Will can survive their stupidity and what this means for their music collaboration. Lily realises all too late, that she’s fallen hard for Alfie despite his declaration to her that he can’t love her. This has left Lily devastated, knowing that the man she loves will never feel the same for her.


Everything I Want

Lily's is moving forward after her break up with Alfie. Her journey continues through some extremely emotional times during key events, as she becomes more self- assured and begins to develop as an performing artist. It isn’t easy for Lily to forget Alfie because of circumstances in Alfie's life. However, Lily is tortured by constant reminders of their time together, and this does little for her resolve to move on.

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Everything Is Yours

Being Floridian born and bred, Alfie Black didn't usually 'do' winters. Lily Parnell, his girl, was from London and used to seasons. Winter was one of her favorites. As famous musicians both were used to living their lives in the limelight. Alfie, a rock legend, and Lily also a rock star in her own right, were propelled to 'Rock Royalty' just by being together.

Last Score Series


Gibson's Legacy

Seldom does anyone pick up a magazine, newspaper or watch a television entertainment show, without seeing his image or reading about his promiscuous antics. He had no need to court publicity with his magnetic charm and charismatic ways; when he chooses to cooperate that is.


Trusting Gibson

Taking a chance on Gibson Barclay was something Chloe never envisaged in her future when she was in college. Years later, she found herself thrown into his world with no immediate way out. She knew that trying to be the girlfriend of Gibson Barclay would come at a price. Was she capable of trusting him with his notorious womanizing reputation and temptation only a heartbeat away?


Gibson's Melody

They say the past always catches up with you… For a guy like Rock God, Gibson Barclay, it wasn’t totally unexpected. Everyone always knew living down the kind of legacy he’d created for himself was never going to be easy. But just when he thought there were no more skeletons to find, his wayward past raises its ugly head and sets his mind reeling.


Piper: A Last Score Spin Off

I know what they think. They think I’m too innocent for the life I have chosen. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am. However, sometimes a girl has to follow her instincts even if they may lead to failure. Who knows, the bigger the risk the greater the riches could be. The facts are, I have a musical gift, a new beginning and an incredible opportunity. Simon McLennan’s reputation as a taker is a well known fact. But I have a secret crush. Is the attraction mutual or am I out of my depth with someone like him? Living in the shadow of a dark and lonely past it’s my time to shine. My time to take what I want. Even if it means risking what’s safe for our few stolen moments. Oh did I mention, Simon is one of my mentors, a rock star idol and my famous adoptive father’s bandmate.

Lucky Series


Lucky Break

The Original story previously named Lucky Me was part of the Tempting Luck anthology 2018. Luck? When rock star Jamie Fontaine finds himself stranded in Dublin due to a snowstorm, he has no battery juice or charger for his cell phone. He has no email passwords and he can't remember a single phone number for assistance from work. To top it all off there are no hotel rooms available in Dublin, due to the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. However, just when he'd thought all hope was gone a gorgeous girl in a bar called Daisy, gives him his lucky break. A break with contingencies that puts him to work, but not in his usually famous rock star way.

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Lucky Chance

He's a famous rock star, she was a fan. When Jamie Fontaine from DistRoyed was diverted to fan Daisy O'Donnell's Irish Pub, the girl lost her mind and her heart. Love was shining on Daisy until one day the man she adored just upped and disappeared. Now he's back, and he's taking a lucky chance his girl will forgive him. How do you win the girl you love back when you've been missing for the previous four months?

lucky star

Lucky Star

How do you keep your rock star boyfriend a secret when most of the world recognizes him on sight? Daisy O’Donnell knows the festive season in the hospitality trade has always been insane. Running a busy Dublin pub during the festive season, takes stamina and luck to ensure everything goes smoothly when there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. However, when her rock star boyfriend brings his family over to stay, spirits are high, allowances had to be made.

Lucky Valetine EBook

Lucky Valentine

How do you keep your rock star boyfriend a secret when most of the world recognizes him on sight? Daisy O’Donnell knows the festive season in the hospitality trade has always been insane. Running a busy Dublin pub during the festive season, takes stamina and luck to ensure everything goes smoothly when there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. However, when her rock star boyfriend brings his family over to stay, spirits are high, allowances had to be made.

Ready For Flynn Series


Ready For Flynn - Part 1

At fifteen years old, Valerie Darsin, was loved and cherished by her brothers and boyfriend. Her small town world was happy and secure until a sudden betrayal forced her to flee. Returning home, Valerie found support in Flynn Docherty-a guy who left her with unfamiliar feelings when he disappeared from her life. Valerie learned to move on, until a life-changing event brought Flynn back, but was she ready? Has she ever been Ready For Flynn?​


Ready For Flynn - Part 2

Life for Flynn and Valerie hadn't always been easy. A series of tragedies finally brought them together, and twists of fate made them what they are. An undeliable love keeps them together but is young love enough in a world full of temptation?


Ready For Flynn - Part 3

Life had never been easy for Rock God, Flynn Docherty. At a tender age, he'd locked down past personal tragedy, hurt, and pain to make his life bearable when most would have crumbled from what he witnessed. When Valerie Darsin entered into his life their instant attraction later grew into the kind of love that most of us can only dream about, after she'd survived her own traumatic event.


Flying Under The Radar

Remember that feeling when you fell in love? The feeling of wanting the world to know? Falling in love with someone who loves you back should feel easy, right? If only life was that simple for Lee and Niamh.


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Just Jack

Being Lily Parnell’s best friend came effortlessly for Jack. Growing up together, Jack loved Lily and was fiercely protective of her and for almost all of his life all he wanted was to make her happy. When she was happy he was happy, except Lily lived a world away from him now and Jack missed her dreadfully.


Love With Every Beat

Alfie Black has everything he needs to pass scrutiny as a rock star.He’s a drop dead gorgeous specimen of a man. Rough around the edges yet still flawless to look at. Alfie is a jaw dropping, pantie melting, tattooed bad boy, add to that tall and athletically toned with a fabulous face, eyes and smile, and it’s easy to see he’d be going places. Ticking most of the boxes that its required to be the lead singer in a band, the last part of the equation may not have mattered much. However, Alfie is an incredibly talented singer and musician. Women want Alfie. Men want to be Alfie.


Notes On Love

“What’s love got to do with anything?” Physical attraction and chemistry were everything. One woman? Gray had tried that and failed. Meaningful relationships weren’t something Gray Dennison had ever experienced or coveted during his many years on the road with his band, CraVed. Being unattached suited his simple, hedonistic, playboy lifestyle. Add his cocky, sometimes arrogant attitude, and the lead singer of a rising rock band had all the credentials to be a wealthy, charismatic Rock God, stateside.


Missing Beats

Missing beats happen in a fraction of time. For Jo and Kane, they changed their lives in ways neither could have ever imagined. To Jo, rock stars = Fame. Money. Music. Sex. A lifestyle she literally has no respect for. Josie Carmichael's no rock star. She's not even famous and she doesn't particularly like musicians, but when a boy from her childhood reconnects unexpectedly, her life is put on hold.


Free to Breathe

The price of fame is one Life—forever. The price of love, heartbreak. The price of one regretful mistake plus fame equals Hopelessness. Be careful what you wish for. Noah Haxby learned that lesson a little too late. Young and impressionable, he followed the orders from the kingmakers of rock, gathered a massive following, and gained notoriety for his hellraising behavior. Years later he was buried in hurt and regrets; living a shell of a life that was almost in ruins, that is until tragedy struck and his life took an upward turn, bringing second chances in more ways than one.

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Exhale and Move On

When you've lived the reckless rock and roll lifestyle Rick Fars has it's no surprise to learn he's been there, done that, and in Rick's case he's most likely left his t-shirt behind on some woman's bedroom floor. As a wealthy playboy bachelor Rick's never been taken by any woman, but he's taken plenty and often. Outwardly Rick is living the dream, however, appearances can be deceptive and behind closed doors, Rick's life is far more complex than most would realize. When the past and the present collide will Rick's future finally help him to know his own mind?


Souled: Bid on Love

Most people think they know me. Being famous I get to hide the real me behind that. But not in my home town. There… I’m just McKenna. So why would anyone pay to date me? Volunteering for a bachelor’s auction will be fun they said. Time out with a rock star will be a date to remember they said. When Charlotte bid on love her expectations were nothing like reality and forced her to face issues buried in more ways than she anticipated.

Another Life

Another Life

What happens to you when you love someone with all of your heart, but that love has nowhere to go? Heartthrob, Cole Harkin, counted his blessings with a gorgeous wife and the couple's excitement of a first baby on the way. Just when he thought his world was complete, Cole becomes devastated and overwhelmed when his future is ripped from under his feet. With little choice in the matter, Cole has to face living another life...A very different life to the one he thought he and Grace had planned.